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Make Money Selling DashTrac

The DashTrac Dealer Program is an opportunity to make extra money on your terms. Work a few hours a week, or turn it into a full time gig - you can easily find someone that will benefit from this cutting edge technology.

Choose a program level that fits your needs.



Make $25 just by referring a customer to DashTrac. It’s just that easy.

Along with that, the person you referred will receive 10% their purchase of the device.

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Make 15% commision on the total amount of the sale.

The more you sell - the more you make. Simple as that. This program holds the most opportunity to make big money with little investment.

Dashtrac Master Dealer

This is for the heavy hitters. This level program is for those who decide to become resellers and plan on selling mire than 100 units a month.

Who Needs DashTrac?

No matter the scenario, DashTrac is an easy and inexpensive way to answer the question, “Where exactly is that vehicle?”

By simply installing the device into any vehicle’s OBDII port* that vehicle can be located and monitored using a very user-friendly interface on ANY computer with internet access.

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