When you need to know NOW.

Within 5 minutes, your DashTrac can be installed and tracking. Reporting intervals provide speed, time, event status, direction and more.

Visual Web Application


The DashTrac web application displays the following information in an easy to read format.

These items include:

  • History
  • Reports
  • Maintenance
  • Gage includes: Mileage, Speed, Date/Time, Odometer and Direction
  • Management includes: Account Profile, Landmarks and Geofence Alerts
Fast Easy Tracking
Location Tracking


GPS tracking provides the ability to view a vehicle's location in near real time via the DashTrac user interface.

Customers can view their vehicle's history and also see time and date location stamps for each GPS position.

You can have the option to view your location in Map view or Satellite view.

Every vehicle's location will update:

  • Ignition ON: location is "pinged" every minute
  • Ignition OFF: location is "pinged" hourly

A saved spot on the map that identifies a specific location. Girlfriend’s house? Local Bar? Library? A circumference can be set up around that spot that will trigger an alert when the perimeter is entered and/or exited.

Geofencing is the ability to create an invisible ‘fence” around a landmark. If there is a specific zone that you want a vehicle to stay in for certain times every day (stay in school) or zones you want it to stay out of (stay away from friend’s house on weeknights) – this feature makes it possible. This feature can also be set up to trigger an alert.

View My Location
Vehicle Maintenance Alerts


DashTrac is an easy-to-use tool for calculating and managing common vehicle maintenance requirements such as oil and tire changes and will remind you to attend to these important responsibilities. A great tool for young drivers and small fleet owners.

Maintenance Alerts
Monitor Speed of Any Vehicle


Excessive speed causes undue wear & tear and puts all drivers at risk. Fact is; a monitored driver is a safer driver. Lower your exposure to speeding violations and use documented driving behavior as a coaching tool. DashTrac shows:

  • True Speeds
  • Hard Stops
  • Jackrabbit Starts
  • Heartbeat (When ignition is off, DashTrac will report daily with a heartbeat from the device to inform users of its operational status and location.)
Display Vehicle Speed History
Track your vehicles history and view specific trips


DashTrac shows you a breadcrumb trail of your vehicle’s history.

Trip Types
Great for tax purposes. Set up your DashTrac to keep track of TYPES of miles driven. Know how many miles you spent each year on personal vs. business travel – and just print out the report at the end of the year.

Set up your DashTrac to monitor specific blocks of time and see where the vehicle was during that period.

Display Vehicle's Drive History
Track your vehicles history and view specific trips


Receive email alerts when the vehicle enters or exits a geofenced area, and enters or leaves a landmarked spot.

Landmark Alerts

  • On Arrival - receive an alert when the vehicle enters the perimeter of a specified landmark of your choice.
  • On Departure - receive an alert when the vehicle leaves the perimeter of a specified landmark of your choice.

Geofence Alerts

  • Keep In - Want Johnny to stay in school? Set up a geofence and be alerted if the vehicle leaves that area during school hours.
  • Keep Out - Don’t want Mary at her boyfriend’s house on school nights? Set up a geofence and be alerted if the vehicle enters that area on week nights.
Generate Reports from Vehicles History


Our comprehensive report suite provides detailed information in several formats.

Ranging from:

  • Trip Data
  • Event Detailed
  • Maintenance History
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Alerts History
Multiple Reports to create

In Your Face! Large speed and direction dials to monitor your vehicle in near real-time.

Keeping Tabs on Everyone. Set up alerts for your vehicle's maintenance and geofence boundaries.

Pop Up and Check Up. Labels report the vehicle's name, time, location, and speed.

Sort It Your Way. Choose how you want to sort through your vehicle's.